Time Tracking: The Secret Weapon of Project Managers

Time Tracking: The Secret Weapon of Project Managers


Time tracking is the process of recording the amount of time spent on specific tasks or activities. It is an essential tool for project management, as it allows project managers to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and scheduling.

While time tracking may seem like a tedious task, it is actually worth the investment. In fact, studies have shown that companies that use time tracking are more likely to be successful.

How Time Tracking Affects Project Scope and Cost

Project scope refers to the work that needs to be done to complete a project, while project cost refers to the total amount of money spent on a project. Time tracking can affect both project scope and cost in a number of ways.

For example, if a project manager finds that a particular task is taking longer than expected, they may need to adjust the project scope to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done. This could involve removing features or functionalities from the project, or changing the deadline for completion.

Time tracking can also help project managers to identify areas where costs are overrunning. For example, if a project manager finds that a particular team member is spending a lot of time on a particular task, they may need to investigate why this is the case and see if there is anything that can be done to improve the team member’s efficiency.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software for Project Management

Studies show that 82% of employees do not use a comprehensive time management system. Instead, they rely options such as lists or nothing at all. Project time tracking  helps project managers keep track of what’s being done and how long it’s taking to get done . without having to micromanage employees.

While there are several methods for tracking time. Think – paper and pen, spreadsheets, notes on smartphone, not all of them are equally effective. The most efficient approach is to use time tracking  software such as the TimeTracker for Salesforce, which is specifcally built for project management.

So is time tracking effective in project management? Here is a set of reasons why time tracking software (and the process of time tracking, in general) is critical for project success.


Time tracking can help to improve transparency within a project team. By tracking how much time is being spent on each task, project managers can identify any potential bottlenecks or areas where there is room for improvement. This information can then be shared with the team, so that everyone is aware of the project’s progress and can work together to achieve its goals.

Eventually, tracking time spent on projects and tasks via time tracking software provides teams and managers a broader  perspective of their workflow. Additionally, managers can now start identifying which tasks and activities ae taking more or less time than estimated, and start scheduling and prioritizing work more effectively.

Performance insights

Time tracking data can also be used to gain insights into team performance. For example, project managers can use this data to identify which team members are most productive and which tasks are taking the longest to complete. This information can then be used to improve team performance and efficiency.

Time tracking and project management software can provide helpful insight into team members’ performance and help managers identify who’s performing well. Since you’ll be able to identify your high performers, you can publlcly recognize their contribution and help increase their confidence.

Additionally, by collecting enough data from the time tracker, you can identify team members’ strengths and weaknesses.

Automation of timesheets and invoicing

Many time tracking tools also offer automation features that can help to save even more time with improved timesheets. Your improved timesheets improve invoicing. And accurate timesheets lead to accurate invoices, which makes for better client relationships. And the more frequently your team members enter their time, the more likely it is to be accurate. After all, we all remember things better on the day that we did something compared to the end of the week or the end of the month.

This can be especially helpful for businesses that have a lot of projects or that work with a lot of different clients.

Streamlining payroll

Time tracking can also help to streamline payroll. By tracking how much time each team member spends on each task, project managers can generate accurate timesheets that can be used to calculate pay. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

If you have external managers that need to approve timesheets, then you can expect fewer rejected timesheets because the time information is more accurate and transparent. Most of our customers see a 30% decrease in payroll processing costs with the reduced time needed to collect and collate timesheets.

Client satisfaction

Time tracking software lays the groundwork for creating reports for distribution to clients and other stakeholders. By tracking how much time is being spent on each task, project managers can provide more accurate estimates to clients and keep them updated on the project’s progress. Sharing project and task progress with clients and enables you to raise concerns in a timely manner. This can help to build trust and confidence between the project team and the client.

Additional benefits:

  • Improved project planning
  • Reduced risk of scope creep
  • Better resource allocation
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved work-life balance

Overall, time tracking is a valuable tool for project management that can help to improve efficiency, transparency, and client satisfaction.

How to implement time tracking for project management

There are a number of different ways to implement time tracking for project management. One option is to use a manual system, such as a spreadsheet or timesheet. However, this can be time-consuming and error-prone. A better option is to use a dedicated time tracking tool.

There are a number of different time tracking tools available, so it is important to choose one that is right for your needs. When choosing a time tracking tool, consider the following factors:

  • Features: What features are important to you? For example, do you need a tool that can generate timesheets and invoices? Do you need a tool that can track time across multiple projects and clients?
  • Ease of use: Is the tool easy to use for both project managers and team members?
  • Pricing: How much does the tool cost? Are there any free or open source options available?

Once you have chosen a time tracking tool, the next step is to implement it. This will involve creating accounts for all team members and training them on how to use the tool.

Once the tool is implemented, you can start tracking time on all of your projects. Be sure to review the time tracking data regularly so that you can identify any areas where there is room for improvement.

How to Improve Project Time Management

There are a number of things that project managers can do to improve project time management. Some of the key tips include:

  1. Set clear and realistic goals: Before starting a project, it is important to set clear and realistic goals. This will help to ensure that everyone involved in the project knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.
  2. Break down large tasks into smaller tasks: Large tasks can be daunting and overwhelming. Breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks can make them seem less daunting and help to ensure that they are completed on time.
  3. Prioritize tasks: Not all tasks are created equal. Some tasks are more important and urgent than others. It is important to prioritize tasks so that the most important tasks are completed first.
  4. Delegate tasks: If possible, delegate tasks to team members who are best qualified to complete them. This will free up your time so that you can focus on the most important aspects of the project.
  5. Monitor progress regularly: It is important to monitor progress regularly to ensure that the project is on track. If there are any potential problems, it is important to identify them early on so that corrective action can be taken.


Time tracking is an essential tool for project management. It can help project managers to improve project visibility, allocate resources more effectively, create more accurate project estimates, increase team productivity, and improve client satisfaction.

By following the tips above, project managers can improve their project time management and deliver projects on time and on budget.

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We've been using this product since we went live on Financial Force in January 2019. It's a great app out of the box. We've had considerable adjustments to the product made to conform to how we enter and track data. The PK4 Team has walked this journey with us the entire time. Their team cares about the product and has used our feedback to continually improve it!

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Working with the PK4 team has been a phenomenal experience. They provide an immediate response to questions and response times have a quick turnaround time. They follow up and check in to make sure users are having a smooth experience. The Salesforce plugin is excellent and provides fluency with organizational systems that are already in place. I would highly recommend the PK4 Time Tracker app.

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Gabrielle DeFrancesco

Business Analyst, OMNI Systems

From the get-go, the PK4 team was very responsive and helpful with a fast turnaround to assist with customization for us. We have customized the app to work for a team of temporary casual staff who are assigned to work for a number of different clients, some working on multiple roles at the same time at different rates and different approvers.

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Pru Bell

Business Analyst, Intepeople Ltd

We had been on the hunt for a time tracking system for our consulting firm that didn't require every 1099 contractor to have a salesforce license and PK4 Time Tracker was exactly what we needed. The team was helpful and flexible in setting up the program for our needs and it has been integrated pretty seamlessly with our company.

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Amy Fiore

Managing Director, Sobel-Bixel

This is a wonderful program for tracking time in real-time. We, an MSP, use it to track time that agents spend working on a case, as Salesforce (surprisingly) has no native option for this. But of particular note, Geetha and Chandan have been absolutely amazing with assisting us in tweaking their app to meet our requirements. I highly recommend them and their software for any of your time-tracking needs.

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Carter Odell

Service Supervisor, Legend Netowrking

We use the PK4 app to manage and track time for a team of about 20 consultants. The app is easy to manage and has really addressed all our team's needs. Even more impressive is the outstanding customer service we've received from PK4. They are always quick to respond and take care to ensure that our feedback is heard and met. I'd highly recommend PK4 to any others looking to manage time within Salesforce!

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Dan Partin

Director Solutions Management, SkySpecs

TimeTracker has been really effective in getting time tracked against SFDC Cases in our organization. We have many folks using the component on the Case to track time. We also have developers that log their time in Jira. We utilize a simple webhook from PK4 that brings those Time Logs from Jira back into SFDC on the Case (those users are never logging into SFDC). We also have some Professional Services folks that are not in SFDC but occasionally log time against a SFDC Case via the WebApp. We now have 60+ employees logging time through TimeTracker on the SFDC Case and it's been a big boost of efficiency within our organization.

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Jason Liner

Senior VP (FP&A), MercuryGate International

PK4 TimeTracker allows our team to track hours spent working with each of our Accounts and enables us to track expenses for all of our activities, too. Their support has been very helpful in migrating from a different solution to one based on Salesforce.

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Jack Schammel

Asst Dir. Business Innovation Initiatives, TEDCO Maryland

I can't recommend this app highly enough. My team needed an app that was capable of tracking time spent within opportunities, so we could track profitability on specific deals. We wanted an inexpensive solution that tracked automatically saving our workers the headache. This app works perfectly for what we want, and we couldn't have done it without the PK4 team.

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Ryan McDounogh

Director Brendan Tauro Capital Advisors