Access Control for Contacts- in your hand!

Quick & safe entry for Contacts!

Make it easy and safe for your Contacts to gain entry into your facility. Use it for any group of Contacts – Members, Donors, Visitors… Real-time, contactless QR Code scanning for Contacts, with V4S Kiosk. There’s nothing new you need to purchase. Use your existing cameras on the IPads / Android tablets that you use for V4S Kiosk. Smartly and painlessly scan in members using QR Coded Member Badges or QR Codes on member phones. Record member attendance in Salesforce directly from the devices in real-time.

Configure your Member Scans to check for valid Membership Expiry Dates. Boost renewals by informing members when they are actually at your location. Easy, effective and safe. See how simple it can be as you re-open your facility.

Safe and easy Member Processing

Track people in the building

Simple count on the Kiosk shows you how many people are inside.

Contactless for Safety

Intuitive UI for members and staff to scan themselves in seamlessly.

Search when needed

Search and find members when necessary to boost renewals.

Sync data in real-time

All member checkin data synced directly to Salesforce in real-time.

Configure your fields in Salesforce

See exactly the data that you want for your organization
Set up separate filters for Scan and Search, so you can identify members whose membership may have expired.
Show critical information like membership tiers, donations so you can greet members appropriately.

Better service for your members


Members can bypass the admission desk and enter your facility directly Track member attendance Validate membership dates, levels
Use membership cards with QR Codes to grant access to special areas.

Easy tracking and reporting


No more searching through ticket stubs
See trends in member attendance, benefits usage right in Salesforce
Simplify your member interactions
Streamline your members’ arrival process.