We’re doing our bit to help with the Coronavirus pandemic. Starting April 1 2020 to June 30 2020, we are pledging 5% of all revenue from the Time Tracker to your favorite nonprofit working for COVID-19 relief.

At PK4 Tech, we are doing all we can to deal with this crisis. Our highest priority are our employees. Our offices have been closed since March 16th and our employees are all working from home. We are making some of our technology available for free for a period of time.

Donors can make the biggest difference by supporting medical needs in the United States and internationally. We can also support organizations that work with vulnerable populations that are the most at risk of the virus’ spread and impact. Here’s a list of nonprofits working to help people get food and medical supplies during the pandemic.

We believe we have a responsibility to give back to our community. We believe that we can help by making contributions to directly help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We have decided to give 5% of every sale that we make in Q2 2020 to a nonprofit that you choose. Please choose a nonprofit that is specifically working with COVID-19. You can select one from Charity Navigator’s list here. You select the organization, we make 5% of your subscription amount as a contribution to them. If time tracking is in your plans, now’s the time to make it really count!

Help to make a difference, while we help your team transition easily to remote working.