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Mobile and Salesforce app makes time tracking painless

No more paper, messy spreadsheets or manual calculations

Track Salesforce and non-Salesforce users’ work time in your Salesforce org! dftly Time Tracker is a quick and easy way to keep track of employee/contractor work times on their mobile phones, with their data appearing automatically in your Salesforce.com org. And Salesforce users can track time inside Salesforce too. Simple to use, dftly Time Tracker lets everyone focus on their work, with Salesforce.com doing the heavy lifting. Check in when you start on a task and check out when you are done. It’s really that easy. The mobile app is available in two versions:

  • Time Tracker is meant for workers to install on their personal phones. Workers check themselves in/out of jobs on their individual phones.
  • Time Tracker Team is meant for Team Leads / Supervisors to check their whole team in at one shot. Leads can also track time for travel and loading.
  • All data from mobile devices is synced to Salesforce in near-real-time. Operations / Payroll / HR people can check on attendance and work hours on reports and dashboards in Salesforce. Simple, cost-effective time-tracking for everyone in your organization.

Time Tracker for Personal Use

Save money

Know exactly when employees start and stop work. No more guesswork.

Save time

Spend less time on payroll with employee time directly in Salesforce.

Monitor team

Monitor remote employees’ timesheets painlessly. See who’s working, when.

Track easily

Time Tracking so simple, your team will actually use it.


Track time on the go

A simple click to Check In / Check Out at start and end of task

dftly Time Tracker Checkout

dftly Time Tracker mobile app for iOS and Android

Easy time tracking for projects and tasks, directly to Salesforce.

Track time for multiple tasks

Check In / Check Out for multiple tasks after task completion

dftly Time Tracker Multiple Task Checkin

Work smarter, not harder

Intelligent time tracking for multiple tasks. Record time at end of day or end of week.

Track time within Salesforce

Check In / Check Out just as on the mobile

dftly Time Tracker Checkin on Salesforce

dftly Time Tracker for Salesforce users

Easy time tracking on mobile phones and in Salesforce.

Non-Salesforce users continue to use mobile app for time tracking.

One swipe time tracking

A smiley to keep you happy

dftly Time Tracker Swipe heckout

Time Tracking so easy your team will love it

Start or Stop timer by just swiping the smiley.

Time Tracker Team for Supervisor Use

Empower work-teams

Move team members to different projects/jobs. Capture photos at jobsites; eliminate buddy punching.

Bill fast

Get rid of inaccurate, illegible tinesheets. Accurate times for faster invoicing, faster payments.

Save time

Check in/out individuals or an entire team. Track time for travel/jobs/loading.

Track members

Track GPS locations for your teams. Reduce overtime and increase productivity.



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Time Sheet App for Supervisors

Time Tracking on Jobsites for the whole Team!

dftly Time Tracker Dashboard

All time tracked directly to Salesforce

Track time on the go

Track time for travel, work, loading separately

dftly Time Tracker Checkout

dftly Time Tracker mobile app for iOS and Android

Easy time tracking for teams and work crews on the job site.

Simple Punch-clock solution

Fast and easy way for employees to clock in and out

dftly Time Tracker Checkin on Salesforce

All employees clock-in at a central location

Works on a tablet or iPad – no expensive hardware.