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Based on feedback from users like you, we continually add new features to Mobile Time Tracker. Please check here regularly to see what new features have been added to Mobile Time Tracker

As always, only your Operations / HR people need Salesforce subscriptions to track and report on work times. All that your mobile users need is the Mobile Time Tracker mobile app. No Salesforce licenses needed. Simple, cost-effective time-tracking for everyone in your organization, regardless of their specific jobs.

March 2017

Track time for multiple activities

Track time after completion

Mobile Time Tracker Multiple Task Checkin




  • Track time for up to 5 activties at a time
  • Track time at the end of the day or at the end of the week
  • Track time with absolute time OR Number of hours; whatever suits you
  • Track time for multiple customers/projects/tasks
  • Easily track time for more than 5 activities, if necessary.

Track time inside Salesforce

Simple Check In / Check Out for Salesforce Users







  • Salesforce users track time within Salesforce
  • Choose to use the same Projects/Tasks/Worktypes as mobile users
  • Have a different set of Projects/Tasks/WorkTypes for Salesforce users; it’s your choice
  • Add Notes so you have details of what you did
  • Salesforce/Non-Salesforce users; all time tracked to the same app.
Mobile Time Tracker Checkin in Salesforce

Track time to any objects

Standard Salesforce objects or Custom Objects

Mobile Time Tracker Multiple Task Checkin




  • Track time to any objects you choose in Salesforce
  • Use Standard objects like Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, Cases
  • Track time to Custom Salesforce Objects such as Jobs, Vacancies, Service-related objects
  • Simple configuration within Time Tracker to change to your objects
  • Can be done in a few hours.

Timesheet Approvals

Review, Approve, Reject Timsheets




  • Managers love the simplicity
  • Quick glance tells you which timesheets need approvals
  • Approve timesheets by Employee/Temp Worker
  • Approvals by client managers possible
  • Automatic email reminders for weekly timesheet approvals to managers.
Mobile Time Tracker Checkin in Salesforce