V4S Mobile

Mobile technology for volunteer tracking

Would you like to see a mobile app for managing volunteers? Do you think mobile technology for smartphones and tablets is the way of the future? Do you think having a mobile app for tracking volunteer hours would encourage and promote volunteering? Do you think mobile volunteer hours logging would make life simpler for volunteer coordinators?

Paper tracking of volunteers is outdated. It’s too time-consuming and error-prone. You could use that time more productively to recruit more volunteers, plan and finalize more events, or work one-on-one with volunteers. And how about Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards? Do you honestly have the time to write out your volunteer schedules on the whiteboard and upload data from the spreadsheets into your volunteer management system?

All your volunteer tracking data ultimately has to get into your volunteer management system. You need that information for funders, your form 990 and for your management and board. Eliminate as much unnecessary work as possible in the process. Reduce the mistakes and errors that creep in at every stage with easy-to-use mobile apps for tracking volunteer hours.

V4S Mobile Overview

Here are some great reasons for using mobile apps for tracking volunteer hours:

  • All age groups are increasingly using smartphones and tablets. According to the Pew Research Center, over 77% of US adults owned a smartphone, in the end of 2016.
  • Mobile apps are “cool”. This could be an added incentive, especially for younger volunteers.
  • The biggest advantage of paper – portability – is true for mobile devices too.
  • Hours entered on mobile devices are in real time and more accurate.
  • Data entered on mobile devices syncs to your volunteer management system in real-time. Always up-to-date and no more uploads.