Installing the dftly Base Sample App for

Please follow the instructions below for testing the dftly sample app on an Android handset, with the default org on

  • Login to with the following credentials
    • Password: impel2016
  • Download the dftly sample app onto an Android handset.
  • Install the sample app on the Android handset. Please note that we’ve built the sample app as an Android app. The dftly APIs, though, can be accessed on any platofrm including Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows phones.
  • Once you install the app, you will see the dftly Sample App as one of the apps on your handset.

  • Click on the app icon on your handset. You will see the Registration screen on your left. You will now need to register yourself as an end-consumer on the dftly sample app. To do this, enter any first name, last name, email ID and your handset’s number (mandatory fields) and click on the Register me button. Please Do Not use the dftly agent ID in the registration information.
    Remember that you can only use the dftly functions, if you are registered as a Consumer.

  • Now on the salesforce screen, if you click on Contacts and look for Recent Contacts, you should see the details of the consumer that you just registered on your handset.
  • On your handset, now click on the Support tab. You will see the following screen.

Testing FAQs

  • Click on FAQ by Categories to see a list of all FAQ Categories. If you click on a particular FAQ Category, you will see all the available FAQs for that Category.
  • On the salesforce screen, click on the FAQ Categories and FAQs links on the menu. Under View, choose All and click on Go. You will see the existing list of FAQ Categories and FAQs in the dftly sample org.
  • The following screen shots are what you see on your Android handset.
  • FAQs by categoryFAQ Details

Testing Cases

  • From the main Support tab on the handset, click on the Cases button. You will see a message that says “You do not have any Cases. Please click on the New Case button to start.”
  • On the right hand top of your screen, you will see a “+”. Click on the + sign to Add a new case.
  • Add the details of your Case and click on Send.
  • Once you do this, dftly returns a Case Number to you as a Notification.
  • On your screen, choose the Cases link on the main menu. Select All Open Cases as the view and click on Go. You will see a list of all the Cases that have been submitted by various users, including the ones that you just entered.
  • The following screenshots show you the Case List and Case number notification screens that you see on your Android handset.
  • Case No. NotificationCase List

Testing Chat

  • From the main Support tab on the handset, click on the Live Chat button.
  • On the handset, you will see a Chat window open up.
  • On the screen, you will see a Chat request pop-up. Click on Accept.

  • You can now have a Chat between yourself as the consumer (on the handset) and yourself as the agent (on the screen.
  • The Chat window on the handset looks like the following screen:
  • The agent Chat window on salesforce, opens up as a separate window on and looks like this.
  • Chat window on

  • After the chat has ended, you can see the details of the chat, when you View the Contact. Here is a screenshot of the Contact view screen.
  • Chat Details on the Contact record

With this, you would have completed a test of FAQs, Case Creation and Live Chat from a sample Android app using dftly.

Get the dftly sample app.