Efficient Time Tracking

TimeTracker subscription fees are based on the number of Salesforce users who use it for checking in/out, the number of Salesforce users who need access to the objects, reports, etc. within Salesforce and the number of users (who may not necessarily be Salesforce users) who use the Chrome/Jira/Mobile/Slack/Web app. We offer a discount to qualified nonprofits.

We had kept our subscription prices unchanged because of the pandemic. Our pricing has increased from August 01, 2023. This chart shows the updated prices.


US $ Price Per User Per Month Per Platform Salesforce Chrome / Jira / Mobile / Slack 
Base Product
Salesforce Time Tracker Users $18 Any one platform Included
Web Time Tracker Users $10
Non-Salesforce Users, per platform $7
Salesforce Manager/Admin Users $30
Project Management $15
Invoicing $30
Expense Management $2 $2
PTO Management $3 $2
QuickBooks Desktop Connector $ 3999 per org per year
Volume Discounts for Salesforce users
  • 51-250 users – $ 16 PUPM
  • 251-1000 users – $ 14 PUPM
  • More than 1000 users – $ 13 PUPM
Minimum package price – $1500 per year
Nonprofit License fees discount – 10%
All subscription fees to be paid on an annual basis.
PK4 TimeTracker is available in the following platforms/flavors: TimeTracker in Salesforce, Web App, Mobile App (Individual / Personal / Team), Chrome Extension, Jira TimeTracker, Slack TimeTracker.
User-licenses are separately priced for each platform.
Users with a Salesforce User license automatically get access to any one other available platforms.
All team members whose time is being tracked need a valid TimeTracker subscription.
Chrome / Jira / Mobile / Slack / Web subscriptions do not include access within Salesforce.
Salesforce Admin/Manager users can be marked as Reporting Managers for time details, Expenses and/or PTO.
Licenses are assigned on a User basis, so they can be transferred among users at any time.
Subscriptions for additional users purchased later will be pro-rated for the remainder of the subscription term.
All services, including configuration and customization, are additional, charged on an hourly basis.
Add-ons must be purchased for ALL Time Tracker users of the relevant type. For example, PTO for Mobile users must be purchased for all Mobile Time Tracker users.
The Project Management Add-on is only needed for those Managers who need to manage projects and assign team members to Projects and Tasks. Project Management users must have a valid TimeTracker license.