PK4 TimeTracker – Release Notes

PK4 TimeTracker 1.112

29th October 2021
  • Increased number of records brought into the Time Review / Approvals page to 600. Now Managers will be able to see data even if their team members have many timesheet entries each. Previously brought in 200 records at a time.
  • On the Time Approval page, the Manager can now Approve/Reject more than 10 records at a time
  • The sub tabs of the Time Review page (My Time/Approved/Pending) now show a Page Total and Overall Total, making it easier for the Users to know how many hours have been already entered for a specific time frame
  • Introduced a feature to change the Page Length. The User can now select if they want to see 10, 25, 50 or All records
  • Fixed trigger issue that caused problems with Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS)
  • Fixed process builder issue that caused a flow error when the Salesforce User was updated on the Time Tracker Detail records
  • Fixed the issue that showed Project name as “Undefined” while editing a Time Detail where the Project had been previously marked as Completed
  • Added a new configuration flag that allows Time Tracker lightning components to be disabled if the specific record does not meet the qualifying criteria. This ensures that Users cannot enter time on a record that does not qualify. E.g. a User cannot enter time against a Closed Case, if the “Disable Data Entry if Rec doesn’t Qualify ” flag is set to not include “Closed” Cases.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.111

28th September 2021
  • Ability to integrate Jira Worklogs into the Time Tracker
  • Ability to add more lines to the Manual Time Entry screen
  • Ability to select a specific User and Approve time
  • Fixed status change issue after User corrects her time sheet entry and submits it
  • Timesheet entries with Pending Approval and Awaiting Correction are now shown in the Time Review page
  • Enabled the Discuss screen so that the Approver can add comments when Rejecting a time entry
  • New Rejection follow up process introduced
  • Alert emails sent to the PTO Manager when a reporting user requests a PTO
  • Manual Entry and Time Review screens are now in the same tab for easier access for users.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.109

27th August 2021
Salesforce 1.109
  • Updated Timesheet Approval / Rejection mechanism
  • New Statuses added for timesheet approval for enhanced Approval/Rejection process
  • Users can now review their time entries for a specific time frame, make required modifications and then Submit timesheets to the Approving Manager
  • Rejected timesheets now come back to the User for corrections with a new status “Awaiting Correction”
  • Users can make corrections to Rejected timesheets
  • Time Review page completely updated
    • Edit icon changed to “eye” icon
    • Popup changed to sidebar with multiple tabs
    • New Discuss tab shows comments of User and Manager
    • Ability for User to Edit Timesheets based on the Timesheet Status
    • New button added so that User can Add any missed time entries
    • Record selector introduced at the bottom of page, so that Users can select to review more records
    • Total Hours on the bottom of the page makes it easy for the User to review the number of work hours already entered
    • Approval tab for managers, only shows timesheet entries with “Pending Approval” or “Submitted” status
    • Timesheet entries now carry Last Approved at and Last Approved by fields
    • Approved tab for Managers only shows timesheet entries with Approved status
    • Similar functionality for Rejected tab
  • Automatic workflow based emails with modifiable templates for Approval / Rejection of time entries, PTOs and Expenses
  • Weekly Summary Report page updated
    • New button added, so that Users can add any missed time entries
    • For organizations with PTO licenses, PTO details are listed on the page for the users
  • New lightning component for Salesforce “Console” apps, so that time can be tracked for multiple records
  • Bug fixes
    • Manual Entry page renamed to Multi Line Entry to prevent confusion with Time Tracker lightning components
    • Issue with dropdowns not showing correctly on first login in Multi Line Time Entry fixed
    • Issue with dependence between multiple levels of dropdowns not working on Edit Time screen is fixed
Mobile app 3.6.0
  • Enabled Check Out even if Checked in on previous day
  • Enabled multi-platform Checkins and Checkouts
  • Fixed issue where only 5 users were showing up on Time Tracker Kiosk on iOS
  • Added ability for logged in Kiosk user to refresh the User List on demand
  • Enabled auto refresh of screen on Check in/out
  • Fixed issue with the Search button disappearing on the Kiosk
  • Fixed checkins such that mandatory objects have to be selected
  • Fixed issue where some Expenses and PTO entries were not showing up in Salesforce
  • Enabled image saving for Expenses in Salesforce.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.106

29th June 2021
Salesforce 1.106
  • Time Review tab shows Approver Name and Approver Comments in the My Time page
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to Edit Timesheet Detail after status was changed to Approved
  • Weekly Summary Report UI upgraded
  • Summary Report shows user’s PTO details by day in addition to the Time Worked
  • Fixed filter issue when Custom Date range selected
  • Time Tracker app configuration changes no longer override existing context-sensitive configuration previously set up
  • New telemetry object introduced to keep track of usage data and metrics. All telemetry data collected is anonymous.
Chrome Extension V 1.3
  • Users can now check their recent PTO requests
  • Users can submit PTO requests
  • Users can now add Timesheet Details after the fact by selecting Manual Entry
  • Users can review a list of their recent time entries.
Web V 2.1
  • Enterprise authentication using Azure AD.
Mobile app 3.5.8
  • Enterprise authentication using Azure AD
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.105

25 May 2021
  • Introduced a Chrome Extension of the PK4 Time Tracker in the Google Chrome Extension store.
  • Added Weekly Summary Report feature. Available on the Time Review page in Salesforce.
  • Phone Factor enabled for Time Entry components on Salesforce object view pages. You can now access the Time Entry lightning components on the Salesforce1 Mobile app.
  • The Date picker on the Time Entry Summary page has been fixed for better visibility.
  • Photos and images captured from the Time Tracker mobile app are now correctly displayed within Salesforce.
  • Improved performance by storing the AppKey configuration in the session. All components now load up much faster.
  • Some Lightning Components have been renamed for greater clarity.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.104

10 May 2021

  • Introduced new Time Review screen. Users can check and edit their own time entries. Approvers can Approve/Reject timesheets for users that report to them.
  • Users can add just the number of hours worked, without having to enter an End Time for the time entry.
  • We now support setting up of a default Start Time for the Manual Time Entry screen. Please contact if you want a specific Start Time to be set up for your org. By default, the Start Time is set to 12:00 AM.
  • Added a new Process Builder to store the Salesforce User ID on the TT Details object, in addition to the Time Tracker User ID. This ensures that all Time Reporting is now correctly recorded for Time Tracker users with Salesforce IDs.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.103

23 April 2021
  • Fixed issue where conversion of the Start Date Time field to Start Date format was causing an error
  • Fixed issue where Expense details were not being submitted if Expense Manager field was not set up for the User.
  • Fixed issue where Check Out Notes was being overridden by Job Completion Notes

PK4 TimeTracker 1.96

19 Mar 2021
  • Improved performance of Live Tracking and Manual Entry lightning components
  • Added a configuration option to Enable ability to Add Timesheet Entry for other Users in the Manual Entry screen

PK4 TimeTracker 1.95

15 February 2021

  • Fixed bug causing issues on the Time Tracker mobile app when time tracking was set to only ONE level.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.93

05 February 2021

  • Introduced a new feature to filter items in the second level Time Tracking object, based on the item selected in the first level object. For example, if your first level object is Projects and Cases, then depending on what the user selects here, she will only see related Tasks in the second level object.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.90

25 January 2021

  • Introduced new feature for PTO management. PTO can now be requested from the Time Tracker mobile app and within Salesforce. Each TT User now has a PTO Manager that can be set up.
  • Ability to set up different PTO types and number of available PTO days for Users.
  • Feature for PTO Managers to Approve/Reject the PTO requests submitted by users that report to them.
  • Introduced new feature for Expense tracking. Users can add Expense transactions from the Time Tracker mobile app and within Salesforce. TT User now has an Expense Manager field that can be set up.
  • Ability for Users to add images of bills on the Time Tracker mobile app and on Salesforce.
  • Ability to set up different Expense categories.
  • Feature for Expense Managers to Approve / Reject Expenses.