TimeTracker – Release Notes

TimeTracker 1.153

23rd April 2023

In Salesforce

  • The Discuss feature that was previously only available inside Salesforce is now extended to the Web app also. We now support a Manager and a User discussing time entries 1) Manager and User both in Salesforce 2) Manager in Salesforce and User on the Web app 3) Manager and User both on the Web app
  • Added a new field on the TT Details that shows Time Worked in hh:mm:ss format for greater granularity
  • To enable users to select a different project, we now switch to the Gantt tab from the Board tab in the Project Management Add-on. The Gantt tab has a drop down that lists all Projects, so that the user can select any Project that they want.
  • On the Gannt tab, you can now Assign Tasks to anyone in your organization. The list of Users that are shown is based on a configurable filter.
  • There is a new option to Search for a User Name from the User Assignment list in the Gantt Edit Task popup.
  • Clicking on the Project name in the Gantt tab, now opens the Project in a new tab. 
  • The list of Assigned Users shown on the Task Assignments screen has now been expanded. Previously, you could only see Tasks Assigned to users reporting to you. This has now been expanded to show the logged-in User’s own tasks, tasks of Users reporting to the logged-in Users and tasks assigned by the logged-in User.
  • On the Assignment screen, you can now see User Name, Email ID and Department to help you identify the right User.
  • If you are already tracking time to a specific record using Live Tracking, when you open another record within the same object, you are now prompted to Stop live tracking to the first record. You can then start tracking time to the second record.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the Checkin button multiple times on the Live Tracking component was creating multiple time detail records. The Check-in button is now locked, so that multiple records are not created.
  • The Checkin button has been renamed to Start to make it easier for users. The Checkout button has been renamed to Stop.
  • Under certain conditions, a new Project was not getting saved correctly. This issue is now fixed.
  • On the PTO page, if the End Date was less than the Start Date, an alert message was not being shown. Now the user sees a message and can edit the PTO before submitting it.
  • Fixed issue where the Start Time on Auto Tracking was not getting saved correctly when the user opened multiple tabs.
  • Fixed issue on Live Tracking where the default record was not getting correctly selected when the user opened a second tab for the same object.

On the Web app

  • Most recent 10 time entries are now displayed on the Multiline Time Entry screen.The time entries show the details of the Time Entry along with the Approval Status.
  • A new Copy option has been introduced in the Multiline Time Entry that lets you copy time entry details from one row to the subsequent rows. 
  • The web user and Approval Manger (either in Salesforce or on the web app) can now discuss a specific time entry using the Discuss feature on the My Time tab.
  • The Approved, Pending tabs in My Time have now been merged into a single Approvals tab, with sub tabs for Approved, Pending and Rejected time entries.

TimeTracker 1.152

13th March 2023

In Salesforce

  • Fixed issue where changing the end date of a Task Assignment was changing the end date of the Project.
  • Deleting Task Assignments from a Project made more intuitive with automatic refresh upon deletion.
  • Fixed error where if the Department field was not set up for a User, 
  • Error messages from customer-specific validation rules are now displayed on the Weekly / Multiline time entry screens.
  • Previously entered Time Details that are NOT qualified / eligible for data entry on the Weekly screen, now show the Task Name clearly, so that users are not confused.
  • The Manual time Entry lightning component is now supported on the Salesforce Utility bar.

On the Web app

  •  The My Tasks section on the dashboard is updated to show the correct list of Tasks for the logged-in user, based on the filters set up in the TimeTracker.
  • The Notes field from the Time Details entry is now displayed on the web app. Any Notes that an Approver adds to the Time Detail are now visible to the appropriate User.

TimeTracker 1.151

24th Feb 2023

In Salesforce

  • JS and CSS assets have been moved into Salesforce Static Resources to improve performance.
  • Previously, only Tags from the Task Assignments were carried down to the Time Detail entry. We have now extended this to carry the Tags from Tasks and Projects to the Time Detail. Where a Task is selected after a Project is selected, the Task’s Tags, not the Project’s Tags are copied to the Time Detail entry.
  • Previously, the Hourly Rate and Cost on the Time Detail were taken from the User Record. Now based on a Custom Setting that can be disabled, the priority for Rate and Cost on the Time Detail is as follows:  As available on Task Assignment, Else on Task, Else on Project, Else on User. 
  • Improved code to enhance performance on large volumes of data.  We carry summary rollup fields on these parent objects. Case, Account, Project, Opportunity, Task, Task Assignment and TT User. Whenever a Time Detail was created, we summarized all related Time Details for each of these objects and updated the Summary rollup fields. This could cause performance issues where customers had large volumes of data. Therefore, this code was refactored as follows: 
  • The current Hours from the Time Detail now update the summary rollup fields on the parent objects WITHOUT summarizing all Time Detail records. 
  • The summary Hours on parent objects are updated periodically (by default every 30 minutes). There is now a new column on the parent objects that shows the date-time of the last summary update (Summary As Of).
  • Ability to Add/Subtract hours from a day by adding positive/negative hours from a Time Detail on the Weekly Time Entry screen.
  • Introduced a Copy feature in the Multiline time entry. You can now Copy a time entry to multiple lines below it for fast data entry.
  • On the Gantt chart, Project, Task and Task Assignment are now available as hyperlinks to their full Salesforce view page in a separate tab. 
  • Previously, a Manager could only see those Users set up as Reporting to her on the Gantt. We have now added a Custom filter to Assign anyone else to any Task, not just the people who report to the Manager.
  • Previously on the Gantt you had to manually mark  the Progress on the Task. This has been changed to calculate the Task Progress automatically, based on the number of Hours logged for that Task as a percentage of the Hours Assigned for the Task.
  • Bug fixes made:
  • Project End Date is now modified when a User changes Task End Date.
  • Deleted Task no longer reappears upon refresh.
  • On the Gantt you can now have fractional hours set for Task Assignment.
  • On the Gantt, you would see Undefined below the User Name if the Department for the User was not set. This has now been fixed.
  • Other small CSS and functionality bug fixes.

In the Web and Mobile apps

  • New Task Component added on the Dashboard. Shows the Name, Due Date and Logged Hours for each Task/Assignment. It allows the user to quickly log time against a Task/Assignment and mark an Assignment as Complete.
  • To enhance security for your web and mobile users, we have now restricted password change attempts to 3. If you try more than 3 times, you will see a message to contact your Salesforce Administrator. You will then have to ask your Administrator to reset the password from within Salesforce.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.149

28th Jan 2023

In Salesforce

  • Created a new Custom Button called “Managed Project” on the TT Project object, that allows redirect to the Project Management Screen.
  • Fixed bug that stopped creation of time entries against Project and Case.
  • Ability to enable and disable trigger using Custom Setting from the Customer Org. 
  • Custom Setting Name: Custom Settings for Triggers Detail
  • Flag Name: DisableTriggerOnTTDetail
  • If the flag is set to True,  the trigger is Disabled.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.147 

20th Dec 2022

In Salesforce

  • Added support for Tags for Task Assignments in Project Management. Tags provide different dimensions of reporting of time and money spent. e.g. you can look at Hours and Dollars spent on Projects and Tasks from the lens of Finance and Operations. Tags can be set up at a Project Template level. These Tags then get copied down to all Projects created from that template.
  • Fixed bug when switching between the Case List page and Case View page
  • Fixed bug where Account Name was not being updated on the Time Details.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.145

7th Dec 2022

In Salesforce

Enhancements: Project Management

  • Support for Template Projects, where users can use the standard Salesforce UI to set up a new Template Project, with Template Tasks. Template Tasks have “offset dates”, not specific start dates, i.e. the start date for a Template Task is an integer and is the number of days from the start of the Project (that it will be applied to – see below)
  • Users can also create Independent Template Tasks that  are not related to any Template Projects.
  • On the Gantt display for a Project, the user can click a new Apply Template button that brings up a list of Template Projects.
  • The user can select a specific template to apply.
  • The Template Tasks in the selected template will be added to the current Project, as Tasks. Each added Task’s start-date will be based on the offset-days of the Template Task it is copied from.
  • The Add Task side-pop-up is changed to a new, more visible and usable main-pop-up. It has a Status as a drop-down and the Progress bar is now a number, where the user can key in a percentage (0 – 100).
  • In the new Add Task pop-up, the Name field is an “optional select”, where the user can select from among Independent Template Tasks. The user can use one of those or continue to key in a new Task name. If selected, the user can change the selection at will, Changed Names are not added as Independent Template Tasks. This has to be done through the Salesforce UI.
  • Template Tasks, Tasks and Task Assignments now have 2 separate multi-select Tags that users can choose from. A Template Task’s Tags are carried to Tasks created from it; a Task’s Tags are carried to the Assignments for that Task. The lists of Tags are 3 separate Global Picklists that can be maintained by the Sys Admin.
  • App Keys can be set up to show both Managed and Unmanaged Projects in a merged list at the first level. When a Managed Project is selected, the user’s Task Assignments will be listed at the second level. When an Unmanaged Project is selected, all Tasks in that Project are listed. Note that the list of Managed Projects shown are limited to the ones that have current assignments for the current user. This needs to be set up on the configuration tab in Salesforce.
  • The Project now has fields called Project Hourly Rate and Project Estimate Amount. The Project Hourly Rate will be replicated to every Time Detail that uses that specific Project. When a Project Hourly exists on a Project, Time Details based on the Project will have a different manner of calculator of the Actual Project Amount:  Actual Project Amount =  Project Hourly Rate * Time Worked. Else, the Actual Project Amount will be calculated as usual: User Rate * Time Worked.
  • All these fields will be available on the Invoice Details and Invoice Headers created from the Time Details. Sys Admins can change the Invoice Email Template and the Invoice Template to use whichever fields they see fit. For example, for Projects that are billed for the full Project Estimate Amount, that field can be used instead of the hourly-calculated numbers.

Enhancements: Time Entry

  • New features in Multiline Time Entry
  • Weekly Time Entry tab:  Now users have the ability to Add time entries in a Weekly format. Dates for the week are shown across the columns. Project / Task (OR other configured items) are shown as rows. So users who work on the same projects over multiple weeks, can easily enter the hours spent on a specific project and day very easily.
  • We have provided an option on this screen to copy Time Worked and Configured Object from the Previous week. The user can thus copy over the items from the previous week and make only minor modifications to hours, if necessary.
  • Enabled ability to add Materials Used along with Time Entry. Users that need to add Materials Used along with their time entry can now do so on the Multiline TIme Entry screen. If so configured, the user gets a new pop-up screen that enables them to add both Time Entries and Materials Used on a single screen. This is useful in cases where users need to track specific quantities of materials used per time entry per day. Note: Materials can be set up in the Salesforce Products object.
  • Users can add the time of future dates, Flags to be set on the App Key  with the number of future days for which time entry is allowed (1-99). By default set to 0, so that NO future time entry enabled.
  • Enabled Support for multiple time zones within the same company.  We have added  a new field on TT details for reporting across different time zones. This field always shows the Start Date based on the Date on the User’s device. The field is called “User’s Device Start Date”. Use this field for reporting and on data views.
  • Hours Worked issue on Auto Tracker: If the User timezone field on Salesforce and the user’s browser Time Zone were different, the Hours Worked field was showing negative hours. This has now been fixed.
  • Auto Tracker Enhancement: The Auto Tracking Lightning Component on Cases is now enhanced to continue tracking time to the Case when a user clicks on Log A call, Send an Email and other “Related” tabs.
  • Added the ability to Clock In/Out of work added to the utility bar.

Enhancements: Performance

  • A roll up trigger on the TT Detail object that rolled up hours and costs to Project and Case objects was running slow when the number of TT Detail records was large. This was because multiple SOQLs were leading to greater CPU utilization. This trigger has been upgraded and enhanced to improve performance.

New Functionality: Invoicing 

  • Using the info in the Time Detail records, automatically create invoices that can be sent to customers based on work done in the previous period (1 month OR 15 days) as configured.
  • Invoices will be 1 per Account, with the assumption that there’s an Account lookup on the top-level Time Tracker object. Line-items will be at each top-level object record.
  • Calculate Taxes and Surcharges based on simple % values set up in the Config (or App Key).
  • Support the editing of those invoices before they are sent out. All these changes will recalculate the invoice amount, taxes and surcharges.
  • Send out the invoices using a template that can be maintained inside Salesforce. The template is maintained in the email itself

PK4 TimeTracker 1.135

4th July 2022

In Salesforce

  • PK4 TimeTracker Lightning Components (Live Tracker, Manual Tracker and Auto Tracker) are now supported on all Salesforce objects. Previously, objects that did not have a NAME field showed an error. Specifically, the Lightning Components are now available on the FeedItems and WorkOrder objects.
  • The Summary Page now supports Japanese and Korean languages
  • Section Headers on the View/Record page updated to support Japanese / Korean
  • Upgrades to the Project Management module
    • Gantt Chart: Users can now create Project / Task and Task Assignments
    • Kanban Board: Users can now create Task Assignments
    • Resources: Introduced new tab called Resources
      • Shows Task Assignments for all people reporting to the Signed-in User. Each user is shown in a different color.
      • Shows Task Assignments across Projects
      • Signed-in User can see her team and their Assigned Tasks as a bar graph
      • The Signed-in User can Add / Edit Task Assignments for members of their team
      • If a person is on PTO for a specific day(s), the day shows up in orange color for the cell(s). This helps to identify the PTO clearly
      • On hover over the Task Assignment in Daily view, shows the Total Assigned Hours for the Task as well as the Daily Assigned Hours. Daily Assigned Hours is a calculated field of Total Assigned Hours divided by the number of working days
      • New Help button allows Users to view articles from the Knowledge Base and Raise a Ticket
      • New Refresh button on the top right corner . Shows date and time of last refresh.

In the Web app

  • Dates now appear in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.132

25th May 2022

In Salesforce

  • Support for Korean and Japanese. The Administrator can now set up the desired language for Time Tracker users by following the instructions here.

In the web app

  • Fixed issue where the Date Picker was not showing in some versions of the Safari browser.

In the mobile app

  •  Ability to enter Date and Hours Worked for the Manual Entry mode of Time Tracking
  • The History tab now shows users all time entered, including on other platforms.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.131

7th April 2022

In Salesforce

  • Enabled Live Tracking lightning component within the Salesforce Console app
  • Enabled the Auto Tracking lightning component within the Salesforce Console app (currently tracks time to all open tabs within the console. Time tracking stops when a specific tab is closed)
  • Time Tracker Header record is updated to calculate time for Clocked in hours too. Previously, only Checked-in hours were being updated to the Time Tracker header
  • Approved and Actual Hours now updated on the Project object as two new fields. Actual Hours contains the total hours worked by the User, that includes the status of Pending Approval, Approved and Rejected. Approved Hours includes only those hours that are already Approved by a manager
  • Fixed bug where the timer was getting hidden when switching between tabs on the Auto Tracking lightning component
  • Implemented a new Manual Time Entry component for Salesforce Classic mode
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the Project Management app
  • Implemented a Delegate Manager feature for time approval. Now in addition to the reporting manager, it’s possible to set up two additional types of Delegates – Permanent and Vacation
  • We now support both decimal and Hours:Minutes entry on the Multi-line time entry screen. You can enter your hours either in Hours and Minutes (use colon between hours and minutes) e.g 1:20 OR you can use the decimal format e.g.1.5 (use the full stop in between). Note that 1.5 translates to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Introduced a hyperlink feature on the Time Review page. On click of the hyperlink, you will be taken to the View page of the appropriate record
  • Introduced a “Filter” feature to show only filtered projects to Users within the Project Management app. Currently, this filter needs to be set up from the back-end
  • You can add/remove fields and save your preferences in the My Time tab of the Time Review screen
  • A Time Tracker User can now delete time entries in the My Time tab of the Time Review screen. Entries can be deleted until they are Approved / Rejected by a Manager
  • Approvers can now delete time entries of their team members in the Pending Approval tab of the Time Review screen. Entries can be deleted until they are Approved / Rejected.

In the Web App

We now support the locale timezone so that users can select their dates in the format appropriate for them. If the timezone is set up correctly on the locale date/time, the PK4 TimeTracker web app picks up the same date time format on the Checkin and Multiline time entry screens.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.127

26th January 2022

In Salesforce

  • Project Management module
    • Assign Projects and Tasks to users that report to you
    • Interactive Gantt chart
    • Kanban Board
    • Calendar view
    • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
    • Resource Assignment and view
    • Advanced Task Dependencies (FS, SS, FF, SF)
    • Multiple Predecessors
    • Unlimited Projects, Tasks, Sub-tasks
    • Project budget and expenses for billing and costing
    • Project automation using Salesforce Process Builder
    • Advanced Reporting and Analytics (with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards).
  • Slack integration
    • Connect Slack Team to Time Tracker AppKey in Salesforce
    • Check Time Tracker Status in Salesforce
    • Clock In / Clock Out within Slack
    • Check In / Check Out of Projects / Tasks (as configured on AppKey in Salesforce).
  • Enabled feature to show second-level items that are NOT linked to specific first-level items. E,g, If Tasks are linked to a Project, then it used to only show Tasks linked to the Project. Now if there are Tasks that are not linked to ANY project, those can be configured to display too.
  • Columns selected on the Time Review page are now automatically saved. So the user will now see the Saved columns when they refresh the page OR the next time that they log back in.
  • Added feature to allow worked hours to be recorded either in decimal OR in hours:minutes format.
  • All JS plugins upgraded to the latest versions.

Mobile app 

  • Fixed issue on the Expense entry where Expenses were not being updated to Salesforce in some cases
  • Fixed issue where previously added PTO details were showing up when adding a new PTO entry
  • Fixed issue on the Time Tracker Kiosk app where a Clocked Out user was still showing up as Clocked In
  • Updated the list of Time Tracker entries on the mobile app to show time entries made on other platforms (Salesforce, Web)
  • Fixed issue where Approved PTO in Salesforce was not updating PTO Balances on the mobile app
  • Added ability to add PTO for dates prior to current date
  • Fixed issue where Auto Checkin upon Clockin was not being correctly reflected in the app.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.112

29th October 2021

  • Increased number of records brought into the Time Review / Approvals page to 600. Now Managers will be able to see data even if their team members have many timesheet entries each. Previously brought in 200 records at a time. 
  • On the Time Approval page, the Manager can now Approve/Reject more than 10 records at a time. 
  • The sub tabs of the Time Review page (My Time/Approved/Pending) now show a Page Total and Overall Total, making it easier for the Users to know how many hours have been already entered for a specific time frame
  • Introduced a feature to change the Page Length. The User can now select if they want to see 10, 25, 50 or All records
  • Fixed trigger issue that caused problems with Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS)
  • Fixed process builder issue that caused a flow error when the Salesforce User was updated on the Time Tracker Detail records
  • Fixed the issue that showed Project name as “Undefined” while editing a Time Detail where the Project had been previously marked as Completed
  • Added a new configuration flag that allows Time Tracker lightning components to be disabled if the specific record does not meet the qualifying criteria. This ensures that Users cannot enter time on a record that does not qualify. E.g. a User cannot enter time against a Closed Case, if the “Disable Data Entry if Rec doesn’t Qualify ” flag is set to not include “Closed” Cases. 

PK4 TimeTracker 1.111

28th September 2021

  • Ability to integrate Jira Worklogs into the Time Tracker
  • Ability to add more lines to the Manual Time Entry screen
  • Ability to select a specific User and Approve time
  • Fixed status change issue after User corrects her time sheet entry and submits it
  • Timesheet entries with Pending Approval and Awaiting Correction are now shown in the Time Review page
  • Enabled the Discuss screen so that the Approver can add comments when Rejecting a time entry
  • New Rejection follow up process introduced
  • Alert emails sent to the PTO Manager when a reporting user requests a PTO
  • Manual Entry and Time Review screens are now in the same tab for easier access for users.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.109 

27th August 2021

Salesforce 1.109

  • Updated Timesheet Approval / Rejection mechanism
  • New Statuses added for timesheet approval for enhanced Approval/Rejection process
  • Users can now review their time entries for a specific time frame, make required modifications and then Submit timesheets to the Approving Manager
  • Rejected timesheets now come back to the User for corrections with a new status “Awaiting Correction”
  • Users can make corrections to Rejected timesheets
  • Time Review page completely updated
    • Edit icon changed to “eye” icon
    • Popup changed to sidebar with multiple tabs
    • New Discuss tab shows comments of User and Manager
    • Ability for User to Edit Timesheets based on the Timesheet Status
    • New button added so that User can Add any missed time entries
    • Record selector introduced at the bottom of page, so that Users can select to review more records
    • Total Hours on the bottom of the page makes it easy for the User to review the number of work hours already entered
    • Approval tab for managers, only shows timesheet entries with “Pending Approval” or “Submitted” status
    • Timesheet entries now carry Last Approved at and Last Approved by fields
    • Approved tab for Managers only shows timesheet entries with Approved status
    • Similar functionality for Rejected tab
  • Automatic workflow based emails with modifiable templates for Approval / Rejection of time entries, PTOs and Expenses
  • Weekly Summary Report page updated
    • New button added, so that Users can add any missed time entries
    • For organizations with PTO licenses, PTO details are listed on the page for the users
  • New lightning component for Salesforce “Console” apps, so that time can be tracked for multiple records
  • Bug fixes
    • Manual Entry page renamed to Multi Line Entry to prevent confusion with Time Tracker lightning components
    • Issue with dropdowns not showing correctly on first login in Multi Line Time Entry fixed
    • Issue with dependence between multiple levels of dropdowns not working on Edit Time screen is fixed 

Mobile app 3.6.0

  • Enabled Check Out even if Checked in on previous day
  • Enabled multi-platform Checkins and Checkouts
  • Fixed issue where only 5 users were showing up on Time Tracker Kiosk on iOS
  • Added ability for logged in Kiosk user to refresh the User List on demand
  • Enabled auto refresh of screen on Check in/out
  • Fixed issue with the Search button disappearing on the Kiosk
  • Fixed checkins such that mandatory objects have to be selected
  • Fixed issue where some Expenses and PTO entries were not showing up in Salesforce
  • Enabled image saving for Expenses in Salesforce.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.106 

29th June 2021

Salesforce 1.106

  • Time Review tab shows Approver Name and Approver Comments in the My Time page
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to Edit Timesheet Detail after status was changed to Approved
  • Weekly Summary Report UI upgraded
  • Summary Report shows user’s PTO details by day in addition to the Time Worked
  • Fixed filter issue when Custom Date range selected
  • Time Tracker app configuration changes no longer override existing context-sensitive configuration previously set up
  • New telemetry object introduced to keep track of usage data and metrics. All telemetry data collected is anonymous.

Chrome Extension V 1.3

  • Users can now check their recent PTO requests
  • Users can submit PTO requests
  • Users can now add Timesheet Details after the fact by selecting Manual Entry
  • Users can review a list of their recent time entries.

Web V 2.1

  • Enterprise authentication using Azure AD.

Mobile app 3.5.8

  • Enterprise authentication using Azure AD
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.105

25 May 2021

  • Added Weekly Summary Report feature. Available on the Time Review page in Salesforce.
  • Phone Factor enabled for Time Entry components on Salesforce object view pages. You can now access the Time Entry lightning components on the Salesforce1 Mobile app.
  • The Date picker on the Time Entry Summary page has been fixed for better visibility.
  • Photos and images captured from the Time Tracker mobile app are now correctly displayed within Salesforce.
  • Improved performance by storing the AppKey configuration in the session. All components now load up much faster.
  • Some Lightning Components have been renamed for greater clarity.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.104

10 May 2021

  • Introduced new Time Review screen. Users can check and edit their own time entries. Approvers can Approve/Reject timesheets for users that report to them.
  • Users can add just the number of hours worked, without having to enter an End Time for the time entry.
  • We now support setting up of a default Start Time for the Manual Time Entry screen. Please contact support@pk4.tech if you want a specific Start Time to be set up for your org. By default, the Start Time is set to 12:00 AM.
  • Added a new Process Builder to store the Salesforce User ID on the TT Details object, in addition to the Time Tracker User ID. This ensures that all Time Reporting is now correctly recorded for Time Tracker users with Salesforce IDs.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.103

23 April 2021

  • Fixed issue where conversion of the Start Date Time field to Start Date format was causing an error.
  • Fixed issue where Expense details were not being submitted if Expense Manager field was not set up for the User.
  • Fixed issue where Check Out Notes was being overridden by Job Completion Notes

PK4 TimeTracker 1.96

19 Mar 2021

  • Improved performance of Live Tracking and Manual Entry lightning components
  • Added a configuration option to Enable ability to Add Timesheet Entry for other Users in the Manual Entry screen

PK4 TimeTracker 1.95

15 February 2021

  • Fixed bug causing issues on the Time Tracker mobile app when time tracking was set to only ONE level.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.93

05 February 2021

  • Introduced a new feature to filter items in the second level Time Tracking object, based on the item selected in the first level object. For example, if your first level object is Projects and Cases, then depending on what the user selects here, she will only see related Tasks in the second level object.

PK4 TimeTracker 1.90

25 January 2021

  • Introduced new feature for PTO management. PTO can now be requested from the Time Tracker mobile app and within Salesforce. Each TT User now has a PTO Manager that can be set up.
  • Ability to set up different PTO types and number of available PTO days for Users.
  • Feature for PTO Managers to Approve/Reject the PTO requests submitted by users that report to them.
  • Introduced new feature for Expense tracking. Users can add Expense transactions from the Time Tracker mobile app and within Salesforce. TT User now has an Expense Manager field that can be set up.
  • Ability for Users to add images of bills on the Time Tracker mobile app and on Salesforce.
  • Ability to set up different Expense categories.
  • Feature for Expense Managers to Approve / Reject Expenses.