Mobile Time Tracker Pricing

$ 5

per Mobile+Web User per month

Mobile Time Tracker subscription fees are based on annual payment for two factors: the number of Salesforce users who need access to dftly (objects, reports, etc.) within Salesforce and the number of users (who may not necessarily be Salesforce users) who use the mobile/web app every month. We offer a discount to qualified nonprofits.

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  • Minimum number of Mobile + Web users: 10
  • Minimum number of Salesforce users: 2
  • Per User Per month price for Mobile + Web users: $ 5
  • Per User Per month price for Salesforce users: $ 25
  • Minimum package price (10 Mobile, 2 Salesforce users): $ 1200 per year
  • Nonprofits: 10% off License fees


  • Mobile Time Tracker is available in the following “flavours”: a Personal mobile app, a Team mobile app, a Web app and an app within Salesforce. Time Tracker users who are also Salesforce users can use all four; non-Salesforce users can use the first three.
  • All team members in the Teams need a valid Mobile Time Tracker subscription, even though they don’t need to check in or out on their phones.
  • Mobile+Web subscriptions do not include access within Salesforce. Separately-licensed Salesforce users will have access to Time Tracker objects, reports and dashboards.
  • Mobile / Web / Salesforce users are assigned on a User basis, so licenses can be transfered among users at any time.
  • All subscription fees to be paid on an annual basis. Subscriptions for additional users purchased later will be pro-rated for the remainder of the subscription term
  • Any services, including configuration and customization, are additional, charged on an hourly basis.