TimeTracker for Salesforce Test Drive


PTimeTracker allows employees/contractors to track their work times against specific Projects, Tasks and Work Types. You can check in/ check out against your chosen Project / Task with a single click. To test out the TimeTracker in our demo Salesforce org, follow the steps on the tabs below.

If you’re looking to install TimeTracker into your own Salesforce org and test it out there, follow the (complicated) instructions in this document.

You can see the data delivered to Salesforce.com and the reports/dashboards that you could use in a demo Salesforce org that you can log into. Use the following credentials to log into our demo Salesforce org:

  • Login to https://login.salesforce.com/
  • Choose the Username: dftlytimeuser@gmail.com
  • Password is time@2023
  • You will see the Salesforce main menu
  • Click on the AppLauncher and select PK4 TimeTracker
  • Click on the different tabs to see how the TimeTracker works.

You can click on the Reports and Dashboards tabs to see Reports and Dashboards across all the Users in the org.

Get the TimeTracker on your mobile device

Get the TimeTracker mobile app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store from Applications, install it on your mobile device. 

On the Google Play Store, you can get the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dftly.timeteam&hl=en

On the Apple iTunes Store, you can get the app at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/time-tracker-team/id1241164748?mt=8

Login on your mobile device

You will see how the Mobile Time Tracker works in an Individual User mode in this demo login. To login to the app, you need an App Key, an Employee ID and a PIN. Use the information below to test PK4 TimeTracker in a demo Salesforce org that we have set up.

App Key: 2ce04e6c

Employee ID: dftly-07

PIN: 1234

Test the mobile app

In the demo org, you will see options that we have set up for Project / Task. In your own org, your Human Resources / Admin team can set up whatever Projects, Tasks and Work Types are appropriate for your specific organization. They can also configure the Time Tracker to track time to other objects that make sense in your situation.

Once you log in, click on the green box to Check in to your work.

Select a Project, Task from the drop-down lists. When you select a Project, you will automatically be moved to the next tab, where you need to select a Task. When you select a Task, you will automatically be moved to the Photos tab. In the default demo configuration that we’ve set up, you also need to click on a picture and put in some mandatory notes. Once you do that, you can click on Start Job and the TimeTracker starts recording time. Photos and notes are configurable inside Salesforce and your administrators can choose what they want to make available to your users. Since we’ve set up the demo configuration to require photos and track locations, please click Allow, when TimeTracker requests permission to access your camera, photos and locations.

After you click on Start Job, you will be brought back to the previous screen, but instead of Check in, you will see a Check Out screen.

When you are done with that specific Project and Task, click on the green box again on the Check Out screen.

You will now be taken to the End Job screen, where you can put in some notes. Then click on the End Job button. Mobile Time Tracker now stops recording time against that Project / Task.

All check in / out times, photos, notes, geolocations are synced to your Salesforce org in real-time.

TimeTracker for Slack gives you all the convenience of the world’s favourite productivity environment, with all the flexibility and security of Salesforce. If you’d like to install this in your Slack workspace, follow the instructions here. If you’d like to check things out in a demo environment, here’s what you can do. Note: You don’t need to install Slack to do this. If you DO have Slack installed, that’s cool, too.

  1. Get to our Test Drive Slack Workspace here. If you have Slack installed, you may be redirected to that app – that’s OK, you can use the Slack app for the Test Drive, too.
  2. Log in using any of these five user ID/password combinations:
  3. You’re off and running! Give any supported command starting with /pk4 and you’ll see the magic happen. For example, the command /pk4 status will tell you the current status of your clock-in and check-in.
  4. If you need some instructions on how things work, scroll down on the left panel in Slack to the App, click on the PK4 TimeTracker for Slack app. That’ll bring you to the Home tab of the app, with instructions on how to use PK4 TimeTracker for Slack.

Here are some screen-shots of how things look inside Slack.

The TimeTracker is available as a convenient Chrome Plugin, so you don’t need to log into multiple apps and so on.

  1. Head over to our Chrome Extensions listing here.
  2. Install the Extension by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.
  3. Once installed, invoke the plugin by clicking on its icon in the Extensions area.
  4. Login using these credentials:App Key: 2ce04e6c

    Employee ID: dftly-07

    PIN: 1234

  5. Check in, check out and so on, just like you would anywhere else.

All data is in Salesforce immediately, autmatically.

TimeTracker can be used as a comprehensive web-app, with all its data in Salesforce, but without ever logging into Salesforce. To test that out, do the following:

Use the following URL to login: https://timetracker.pk4.tech/time_web/production/login.html?appkey=2ce04e6c

 Employee ID: dftly-14

Password: 1234


  • Use the Multiline Time Entry screen to enter multiple lines of time entry information. This option is great when you want to enter your time after the work is complete.
  • If you want to check how to track work as you are working on it, click on the green Check-in button on the top right of the screen. Check-In nd Check-Out is the equivalent of a Start/Stop timer mechanism.
  • Click on th My Time link in the menu to look at a list of your time entries.
  • Click on the My PTO link in the menu to see how you can apply for PTO.
  • Click on the My Expense link in the menu to add a new Expense Report.
  • Click on the Dashboard  link to get a dashboard view of your recent work.