Project Management

Project Management in PK4 TimeTracker

PK4 Project Management is a native, cross-industry project management solution for Salesforce. Easy-to-use but powerful, PK4 Project Management is a great tool for teams of all sizes. Working within the familiar and intuitive Salesforce environment, PK4 Project Management can be used even by non-technical users to manage complex projects. Most importantly, we take Project Management beyond just the planning phase. Our time tracking against Projects, makes everything “real”. Managers have a clear, transparent view into exactly how a project is progressing.

PK4 Project Management gives you:

  • Immediate focus on your own tasks and those of people who report to you
  • Gantt Charts with Task dependencies and task Assignments
  • A Kanban board that helps you focus on task stages
  • An intuitive Timeline that helps you do Resource Planning easily
  • Data management capabilities for reporting and analysis.

Only Project Managers who need to define and manage projects and assignments need access to the PK4 Project Management module. Other users can track their time to assigned Projects and Tasks just as they would with normal time tracking in the PK4 TimeTracker.