PK4 TimeTracker for Slack

PK4 TimeTracker for Slack is a friendly bot that you can use inside Slack via simple commands. You can install PK4 TimeTracker into your Slack workspace from the Slack App Directory here. You can then link your Salesforce org with your Slack Team and license specific TimeTracker users to be able to use it in Slack. After that, your licensed Slack users can submit timesheets, expenses and PTO/vacation requests right from Slack, with all data synced with Salesforce automatically.

Slack users can:

  • Clock themselves in
  • Clock out
  • Check themselves into the projects/whatever’s configured in Salesforce
  • Check out
  • Look at their current clockin/checkin status.

All data is automatically synced with Salesforce.

Here is a detailed description of the process to install PK4 TimeTracker for Slack.

See you on Slack!

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