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Setting up an iPad for public use.

Last week, I was speaking with one of our nonprofit customers who use the Kiosk…

ByBySurekha ShettyJuly 3, 2017

Configuring dftly Time Tracker to your requirements.

Last week, we spoke about how powerful Salesforce’s configuration options are. It is configuration that…

ByBySurekha ShettyJune 22, 2017

Point and click Salesforce configuration

Salesforce is an extremely flexible and powerful platform that works for many different implementations. Its…

ByBySurekha ShettyJune 9, 2017

Configuration or Customization – what makes sense?

As a society we are increasingly using online or cloud-based software in everything from buying…

ByBySurekha ShettyJune 1, 2017

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