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5 Tips To Stay Focused At The Office Or At Home 🙂

Some people thrive in a busy office, but not everyone is cut out for working…

ByByAdriana CollinsMay 4, 2021

5 strategies to cope with WFH

For a lot of us, we’ve now spent over half a year working from home.…

ByBySurekha ShettyOctober 3, 2020

Bringing Volunteers Back Safely!

As shelter-in-place rules are relaxed and volunteers start coming in, our nonprofits are faced with…

ByBySurekha ShettySeptember 10, 2020

10 ways to track time! Part 2

Good to see you back. In Part 1 of this blog, we explored the four…

ByBySurekha ShettyAugust 4, 2020

10 ways to track time! Part 1

Yesterday, we had a long and interesting demo of the Time Tracker with a fairly…

ByBySurekha ShettyJuly 24, 2020

Zero Touch Volunteer Check-ins.

As the shelter-in-place rules are lifted, most nonprofits are beginning to see some volunteer activity…

ByBySurekha ShettyJuly 7, 2020

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