V4S Mobile for KIOSK- Style Use

Save volunteer time

Volunteers search for shifts and check-in/checkout directly.steps

Manage Events

Check in attendees by name / QR Codes. Handle guests / will-calls too.

Do away with paper

No more signup sheets/registers. No searching for paper waivers.

Manage Students

Track student attendance in classes. Track drop-off / pick up info.

Track in real-time

Your volunteer coordinators have instant access to volunteer data.

No network? That’s OK

Track events, volunteers, students without WiFi or a data connection.

Save admin time

Data directly in Salesforce. No more volunteer hours reconciliation.


Save images and video

Time Tracking Store images and video for your events, classes and volunteer work.

Raise volunteer management to the next level

Streamline your operations by allowing volunteers to check themselves in and out as they enter/exit your building or Jobsite. With a single click to check-in, you know that your volunteers are available and working on their duties and they know that their time is being recorded and credited. Volunteer coordinators can assign walk-in volunteers to available jobs or shifts. They can even register new volunteers. Volunteers can search for their names and find the Job / Shift to which they have signed up for. They can check their own previous history on a useful dashboard.

Get real time information on the ground situation

Whether your volunteers are working around your building, on a construction job site, or on your acreage, you will always have complete visibility into your Jobs and Shifts. Since all data from the check-in devices are synced to Salesforce in near real-time, you’ll know exactly what the situation is on the ground. Giving you the ability to pull in additional resources, if necessary. If you have multiple jobs/shifts going on at the same time, you now have the ability to reassign volunteers where needed, all from your office. And volunteers can check in to their newly assigned duties since data moves seamlessly between Salesforce and the devices. Volunteers report attendance directly on your devices.

Avoid unnecessary liability exposure

Whether your volunteers are stacking heavy boxes, driving forklifts, or operating saws or hammers, you want to make sure that they understand the risks involved. And your organization needs the peace of mind of knowing that your organizational liability is taken care of. The Waiver Add-On does just that. Your volunteers can sign waivers on the Kiosk if they haven’t already done so. And all waivers are directly linked to their Contact record in Salesforce, making it super easy to find.

Speed up event registration

Eliminate stress and long lines by checking in your attendees as quickly as possible. Create a great first impression with all attendee information at your fingertips as you check them in. Additionally, provide a self-service Kiosk so that attendees can check themselves in with a QR Code on their printed invites or on an emailed invitation on their mobile phones. Register walk-ins and guests easily. All attendee data is synced to Salesforce in real-time.

Avoid paper-based attendance tracking

Get rid of paper-and-pen attendance or spreadsheets. No more uploading data to your attendance tracking system. Use our mobile Roster to quickly and efficiently check-in students as they come in. Ensure the safety of your students by tracking who’s dropping them and picking them up from a list of authorized guardians. Customize your tracking any way that you want with custom Salesforce fields. Integrated reporting in Salesforce makes it easy to keep all your classes and courses on track.