Manage Volunteers, Events, and Students on Mobile Devices

V4S Mobile is an app (Salesforce + Mobile) that allows Nonprofits that use Volunteers for Salesforce to engage better with their Volunteers, Event Attendees, and Students and be more effective in general. On the mobile side, V4S Mobile includes iOS/Android apps that volunteers or nonprofit staff members install and use.

PK4Connect Features

V4S Kiosk is an iPad/Android tablet app that you can use to manage volunteers, attendees, and students. You can check-in, check out and sign up new volunteers, and manage an event or a set of classes that your nonprofit runs. All data from these devices are synced to your Volunteers for Salesforce org in real-time. Your volunteer coordinators can track volunteer attendance and hours in real-time on their V4S Mobile dashboards in Salesforce. You can also use this app offline, once your data has been downloaded (when you login in) – data will be synced back to Salesforce after a network connection becomes available.

V4S Personal is meant for volunteers to install on their personal phones. Volunteers can register themselves the first time (after installation), update their availability and skills on their profiles, sign up for/cancel out from specific jobs and shifts and check-in and check-out of specific jobs/shifts.

All data from volunteer phones / public devices is synced to Salesforce in near-real-time.

Volunteer coordinators can check on volunteer attendance and hours on their V4S Mobile dashboards in Salesforce.