Welcome to V4S Mobile!

Manage Volunteers, Classes and Events easily

V4S Mobile is a family of apps (in Salesforce and on Mobile) that allows Nonprofits that use Volunteers for Salesforce engage better with their Volunteers, Event Attendees and Students. It includes an app installed on Salesforce and an iOS/Android app that volunteers/staff members install on their phones. The iOS/Android apps that connect to V4S Mobile are called V4S Kiosk, V4S Personal and V4S Roster.

V4S Kiosk is an iPhone/iPad/Android app that can be installed on “public” devices for multiple volunteers (or a Volunteer Coordinator) to use. Based on the configuration and user flags selected, V4S Kiosk users can manage Volunteer checkins, Event Attendee checkins and Student checkins.

V4S Personal is meant for use by volunteers of nonprofits to use on their handsets. Volunteers can register themselves on their handsets, update their availability and skills on their profiles, sign up for specific jobs and shifts.

OK, let’s go already!

First: Get V4S Kiosk on your Android phone/iPad/iPhone

Get the V4S Kiosk from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store and install it onto your mobile device. You can get V4S Kiosk on the Google Play Store here.

You can get V4S Kiosk in the iTunes Store here.

Next: Use V4S Kiosk

To make it easy to work with V4S Kiosk, we’ve set up a demo org for you. There’s a default V4S Kiosk user ID (below) that you could use. If you’d like your own V4S Kiosk user ID, please email us at support@pk4385708235.wpcomstaging.com and we’ll set you up as a V4S Kiosk user in our demo org.

The V4S Kiosk Mobile default user in the demo org has access to all of V4S Kiosk functionality. Here are the credentials (to be used on your device):

App Key: datageek-99

Email ID: sbundt@gmailtst.com

Password: 1234

There probably are intrepid souls among you who’ll want to get into the demo Salesforce org and futz with the configurations and data in there. You’re welcome to do that – just email us and we’ll send you details of the user ID/password that you can use.

A couple of related suggestions: when you want to test out the attendee QR Code scanning, you could use the code that shows up inside Salesforce for each Attendee. And, maybe you should use a phone instead of an iPad. Much more maneuverable. But of course, it’s a lot of fun watching someone trying to scan a small QR code using a large iPad…

And then: Resources

OK, now that we’ve got you started, let’s get into this in more detail. Here are some documents you can flip through to get V4S Kiosk installed and configured in your own org.

The V4S Mobile app is available on the AppExchange here.

Here’s the Admin manual, meant for Salesforce Admins who want to install and configure V4S Mobile in their own orgs. It has details of how to install the app within Salesforce, how to configure it, and so on.

The User Manual for V4S Kiosk is here. That’ll tell you how to use the mobile app, once you’ve gotten your App Key from your Admin. It’s an EARLY DRAFT, please forgive typos and errors. We’ll fix them ASAP!

V4S Kiosk can be configured in a variety of ways, to reflect your org’s process and data. Here’s a list of the (55!) things you could configure, using the Config button on the relevant App Key within Salesforce.

Our regular Support articles are here.