Goodbye Long Lines

Hello flawless check-ins!

Checking in guests flawlessly to your events is a great way to make an awesome first impression. Ditch your paper lists and automate your check-in process with the Events add-on for V4S Kiosk. V4S Events is an add-on (Salesforce + Mobile) to V4S Kiosk that allows Nonprofits to skip the long lines and make a great first impression with a fast check-in app. On the mobile side, V4S Mobile includes iOS/Android apps that volunteers or nonprofit staff members install and use.

All data from volunteer phones / public devices are synced to Salesforce in near-real-time. And if your event is outdoors where you don’t have a connection, data gets synced whenever a connection becomes available.

A seamless Check-in Experience

Scan QR Codes

Scan QR codes/badges to quickly get attendees into your events.

Speed up checkin

Speed up checkins with a simple swipe or self check-ins on the Kiosk.

Easily register walk-ins

Register walk-ins quickly with fast data entry.

Sync data in real-time

Data synced directly to Salesforce in real-time.

Optimize event check-ins

  • Forget pen and paper!
  • Sync data to your device before the event for smooth check-ins
  • Give your staff and volunteers complete information about guests.

Search for any data you want on any device!

  • Find guests by category, table #, hostname…
  • Make a great first impression
  • Make checkin fast with separate lines for different categories.

Get attendees in the door quickly and easily!

  • Even if they are not pre-registered.
  • All attendee information synced directly to Salesforce
  • Get realtime name searching, onsite registrations.

Scan pre-registered attendees in quickly

  • Scan printed tickets or on the mobile
  • Make check-in fast with quick QR Code scanning
  • Volunteers can scan attendees in from their mobile phones.