What is V4S Roster?

V4S Roster enables Trainers / Event Managers to manage class/event attendance on a mobile device. V4S Roster is an add-on to the functions that Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) provides, but on an iPad/Android device. V4S Roster is an iOS/Android app that Nonprofits can use to manage attendance for multiple students/members. Classes (or Sessions) are set up as Shifts in Volunteers for Salesforce. Multi session classes are set up as a Job within Volunteers for Salesforce.

As a trainer/event manager, you can Check yourself in to a session. You then have access to a Roster of students / attendees that you can check in/out individually on your mobile device. Data from the device is automatically synced to the nonprofit’s Volunteers for Salesforce org in realtime. Classes are designated as “Sessions” and students are designated as “Members” within V4S Roster.

If a Member has signed up for the entire Course, they will be set up as Members on the Job. In that case, they will show up as Members in every Session (Shift), set up for that Course (Job). If a Member has signed up only for specific Sessions, they will be set up only for those specific Sessions (Shifts). All Member setup for Courses and Sessions is handled by a Systems Administrator / Coordinator within Salesforce.

Using V4S Roster

2.1        Logging into V4S Roster

To login to V4S Roster, you need an App Key, Email ID and password. You should have received the App Key from the nonprofit that you are working with. The email ID is the one that is registered with the nonprofit. The passowrd is anything that you can remember easily. Key in the App Key, Email ID and password and click on the Log In button

2.2        Checking into an assigned Session

If you are an existing trainer that has been assigned a class by your nonprofit, you can use V4S Roster to record the hours that you work on the Session.

  • When you login to V4S Roster, you will see the Session(s) that you have been assigned for the current day. These are “Shifts” in Salesforce that you have signed up as “Confirmed” or as a “Web Sign Up”, depending on your org’s configuration.
  • Click on the Check-in button for the Session that you will start. Your volunteer hours tracking has now started for you.
  • Once you check in to the Session, you will see an additional button called Roster on the screen. More about that below.
  • When you complete your Session, click on the Check-out button next to the Session name, to check out.

2.3        Managing the Roster

Use the Roster functionality to manage attendance for all the Members in your Session.

  • Click on the Roster button for the Session that you have checked into.
  • You will see a list of all the Members assigned to this Session.
  • As each Member/student physically comes in to your Session, click on the Start button next to their name. This will start the attendance clock ticking for that specific Member.
  • Either at the end of the Session, or whenever a specific Member leaves the Session, click on the End button next to the Member’s name. This will stop the attendance clock for that Member.

The Start and End buttons may be named differntly in your org, depending on configuration. Look for the button next to each Member.

2.4        Checking Out

Once you have completed the Session, you can Check out of the Session.

  • Click on the Check Out button next to the Seesion name.
  • Time tracking will now be stopped for your volunteer hours.

It is possible that you check out of a session while it is still running, maybe because someone else’s taken over. We suggest that all Member-sessions be ended before you check out, though.

2.5       Logout

Once you’re done with all your Sessions, you can log out of the app by clicking on the Logout option in the menu. This will bring you back to the Login screen where you will need to key in your App Key and other details to get back into V4S Roster.

2.6       The Menu

V4S Roster has a menu that you can get to by clicking on the three lines at the top-left corner (also called the “hamburger”). You can get to all the app functions from right there. In addition to the My Sessions link that gives you access to the Sessions assigned to you, you also have access to My Profile, Settings and Help links. The My Profile link lets you modify / update details in your Volunteer profile record. The Settings link lets you change your password. The Help button shows you the Help file for the app.