Goodbye Paper Stacks

Hello fast & easy waiver processing!

When volunteering for a nonprofit, individuals can participate in different kinds of activities. From picking up heavy boxes and crates to driving food packs across town to operating a chain saw or a forklift. Our Waiver Processing Add-on to V4S Kiosk provides your organization with peace of mind.

You configure Waiver forms inside Salesforce to your exact requirements. Volunteers sign the Waivers on mobile devices for fast and easy processing. All data from volunteer phones / public devices are synced to Salesforce in near-real-time.

Seamless Waiver Processing

Easy Signups

Get volunteers to sign/agree to Waivers on a mobile.

Configure in Salesforce

Own your Waiver – your content, your colors, your logos.

Fast access

Search and find all waivers for a Volunteer directly in Salesforce

Sync data in real-time

Data synced directly to Salesforce in real-time.

Configure your waiver in Salesforce

Forget pen and paper!
Set up when you want the Waivers signed – Annual / Signup / …
Add the Waiver template in Salesforce.

Simplify life for your Volunteer Coordinators!

Get waivers signed on the mobile device
Make it easy and simple for volunteers
Have separate lines for Volunteers who’ve already signed.

Find volunteer waivers instantly!


No more searching through stacks
Make it easy and simple for volunteers
All waiver information synced directly to Salesforce
Get realtime name searching, waiver forms, signatures.