Invoicing, the smart way!


Speed up your invoicing workflow with the PK4 TimeTracker Invoicing Add-On. Our Invoicing Add-On lets you automatically create and send professional invoices (based on the time tracked by your team members) and then track payments against those invoices. You have the flexibility to add / modify the invoices before they are sent out to your customers. Our integration with QuickBooks Desktop ensures that invoices are seamlessly synced across, saving time and effort.

Invoicing and Collections


  • Using the information in the Time Details (time tracked by your users), the TimeTracker automatically creates invoices that can be sent to customers. You select the frequency that you define (by default it is set to 1 month).
  • All Materials (Products) included in the Time Details will also be invoiced
  • We create ONE invoice per Account based on the Account that is updated on the Time Details
  • Taxes and Surcharges are calculated based on simple percentage values set up in your configuration
  • You can review and modify invoices before they are sent out to the customer. All totals and taxes are re-calculated based on any modifications that you make
  • Your invoices are sent out by email using a template that you set up inside Salesforce. You can modify the template to include your logos, addresses and colors
  • You can apply payments received as Collections against the invoices
  • Only Users that need to work with Invoicing need to have the additional TimeTracker Invoice Add-on module.