Make Time Tracking Simple for Everyone

In Salesforce, on the Web, in a Mobile app, in Slack, in Jira or just in Chrome

Let Salesforce and non-Salesforce users track their work time wherever they are, with data appearing in your Salesforce instance automagically!

Use Salesforce reports and dashboards to bill customers quicker, pay employees and contractors better, deliver projects effectively.

Make Time Tracking Simple for Everyone

Save Time And Money

No more paper, messy spreadsheets or manual calculations

Save money

Know exactly when employees start and stop work. No more guesswork.

Save time

Spend less time on payroll with employee time directly in Salesforce.

Monitor team

Monitor remote employees timesheets painlessly. See who’s working, when.

Track easily

Time Tracking so simple, your team will actually use it and with no complaints.

Timesheets The Way You Want It

Efficient handling of resource time utilization

Managers and Supervisors have real-time access to where their employees are and who’s working on what projects. GPS locations and photos from the Jobsite allow managers to have complete visibility into the project. They can quickly approve timesheets and PTO for one or more people. Our intuitive dashboards and reports make payroll and billing easy and painless. Manage employee times and budgets easily.

Push Notifications

Notifications keep users informed of events that concern them. A Notification is a message that appears on a user’s mobile device to alert them about something important or to ask them to perform an action. Your mobile users can be notified when a new Project or Job has been assigned to them, when an assigned project is changed and so on. Push notifications ensure that important alerts get to your field workers regardless of whether they have the PK4 TimeTracker mobile app open or not.

Push notifications are triggered based on configurable events and can be customized for any use case. This configuration can be done by your Salesforce Administrator. These notifications can be set up on any object in Salesforce.


Handling Paid Time Off

Use our PTO add-on to easily plan and track vacations and time-off for your entire team. Our PTO add-on is simple and intuitive by design. Create custom PTO types and policies for your organization’s unique needs. Enable your employees to submit and approve PTO in just a few clicks. Combine that with the power of Salesforce workflows to automate PTO accruals, balances, approval notifications. Notify employees and managers about PTO requests and approvals.


Timesheet Approvals

Employees use PK4 TimeTracker to submit their timesheets on their mobile phones, on web pages, from a Chrome Extension or from within Salesforce. Their Reporting Managers can then review employee times and quickly approve or reject them. Managers see timesheets for all employees that report to them, one after the other. They can approve/reject one or all timesheet entries, with detailed comments added.


Who’s Working

Managers in Salesforce can easily see which employees and teams are working right now, what they are working on and how long they have been working – all in real-time. No phone calls, no messages, no waste of time. Just check your screen for an instant update on work at job sites. And with optional geo-tracking, you even know exactly where your team members are at any point in time.

Change the way you track your teams and employees forever. Who’s Working is a standard tool that’s part of the PK4 TimeTracker. It saves an incredible amount of time and resources in tracking where everyone is and what they are doing.


Manage Employee Overtime

Comprehensive time-reports give managers the ability to track employee work times within Salesforce. With simple notifications, managers can be alerted when employees are close to approaching overtime or when they hit overtime. Track overtime on a daily and weekly basis. Make sure that you stay compliant with state and federal overtime laws.

PK4 TimeTracker allows you to configure the number of working hours per day and per week. Beyond those hours, any work will be considered Overtime hours. 


Communicate With Field Employees

Miscommunications and delayed messages can cause disruptions in tasks and end up costing you a lot of money and effort. For companies that rely on field staff, effective and efficient communication with field staff can mean the difference between a profitable and a wasted day. Now, managers at the office can send messages to one or more members of their team from within Salesforce.

Phone calls are unreliable and time-consuming. You no longer need to deal with bad connections, employees who are driving, background noise. Send job details or updates as Messages. 


Powerful Reports for Managers and Admins


Time Tracker for Teams

Kiosk Time Clocking

The PK4 TimeTracker Kiosk is great for businesses where multiple employees clock in at the same location. It’s an easy, cost-effective alternative that replaces traditional, bulky punch clock systems. All you need is an iPad / Android device that is connected to the internet. Nothing complicated. Employees just click on the Clock-in / Clock out button next to their names. It’s really that easy!

PK4 TimeTracker Kiosk is the ideal solution for multiple employees who work in a central location – like an office, a warehouse, a big construction site, a manufacturing plant, or a store. Use the PK4 TimeTracker Kiosk to clock people as they walk into their work spot at the beginning of the day and clock out as they finish their work for the day.


Time Sheets

Enable supervisors to track entire teams

Supervisors can track multiple employees at once. Give them the power to clock in individuals / entire team at the start of the day. Track time for travel, work, loading/unloading – all for the entire team. Quick, accurate time tracking for the whole team. With geotracking, photos at the jobsite and field notes, Time Tracker Team makes jobsite time tracking simple.

If your team supervisors are sick of illegible, inaccurate time manual time cards, Time Tracker Team is your answer. Put the power of tracking time for the entire team in the hands of your supervisors. Enable them to track time, release employees from their team, bring in employees from other teams. All in real time. Let your supervisors track time for travel, loading/unloading and jobs – all with a single click, for the entire team. Your supervisors use mobile phones that they are already comfortable with, making implementation easy and painless.


Manage Your Entire Team In One Go

Construction, landscaping, installations – use it anywhere

Your home office has complete visibility into where your teams are working, which employees are at jobsites, what times they came in. With comprehensive reports and dashboards, you are always in control. Group employees into teams, efficiently move teams to different projects – all in a simple, user-friendly interface. Give your supervisors on the ground, the power to make team changes based on the actual situation. Let your teams become more proactive, instead of always reacting to emergencies.

Empower work-teams

Move team members to different projects/jobs. Capture photos at jobsites; eliminate buddy punching.

Bill fast

Get rid of inaccurate, illegible tinesheets. Accurate times for faster invoicing, faster payments.

Save time

Check in/out individuals or an entire team. Track time for travel/jobs/loading.

Track members

Track GPS locations for your teams. Reduce overtime and increase productivity.