Manage Employee PTO with ease

Employee Time Off is well-deserved, but the work to manage it is mind-boggling. Our PTO Add-On allows your employees to request PTO easily and allows your managers to Approve / Reject them even more easily. By enabling notifications, you can ensure that no PTO request is missed out nor an approval forgotten. Set up Available PTOs at the beginning of the year or write simple work flows for PTO accrual through the year. When Employees request PTO, they automatically see how much PTO they have available. So no more “how many days of PTO do I have?”. Currently, the PTO Add-on is available on the mobile app, the web app and within Salesforce.PTO request on multiple platforms

The PTO Add-on integrates beautifully with our Project Management module, so that Managers can see that team members are on PTO before assigning work to them. Or they can see that a task assignment may not be completed on time because a team member is on PTO.

Managers can easily approve PTO requests from members of their team. Here’s how managers can approve PTOs for their team members, You can enable notifications for both managers and users that alert them about PTO requests and Approvals. Here’s how to set that up. 

PTO Management is a paid add-on to PK4 TimeTracker. Please check here for pricing.

Use the TimeTracker PTO Add-on and make life easier for your employees, managers and your HR team.