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TimeTracker on mobiles, web, Chrome, Jira, Slack or in Salesforce. All data safely within Salesforce in real-time.

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The easiest, most intuitive way to track time on multiple platforms including Salesforce. So simple, your team will actually use it!

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Make billing and payroll faster, easier and transparent. All within Salesforce. Less work, more accuracy. See the TimeTracker in action

Time Tracking for an efficient workplace

See the TimeTracker in action


A Time Tracker That Drives Performance

We are constantly creating easy ways for your team to track time, expenses, and budgets. Your team record time where they work – in Salesforce, Jira, Slack, a mobile app, web app or in a Chrome extension. Drag-and-drop lightning components for tracking time easily within Salesforce. 

Welcome to the TimeTracker for Salesforce

Why Time Tracking Is Important

Time Tracking is more than just checking on individual employees – it creates a complex picture of how your projects are doing, and it even helps you determine whether you’re charging what your business is worth.
  • Time Tracking helps you spot productivity issues.
  • Time Tracking ensures fair payroll.
  • With Time Tracking in place, you can bill clients accurately.

Make Time Tracking Simple for Everyone

Managers and Supervisors have real-time access to where their employees are and who’s working on what projects. GPS locations and photos from the Jobsite allow managers to have complete visibility into the project. They can quickly approve timesheets and PTO for one or more people.

Some Of Our Customers

Manage Employee Overtime

Comprehensive-time reports give Managers the ability to track employee work times within Salesforce. With simple notifications, Managers can be alerted when employees are close to approaching overtime OR when they hit overtime. Track overtime on a daily and weekly basis. Make sure that you stay compliant with state and federal overtime laws.


Our Customers Love us

We've been using this product since we went live on Financial Force in January 2019. It's a great app out of the box. We've had considerable adjustments to the product made to conform to how we enter and track data. The PK4 Team has walked this journey with us the entire time. Their team cares about the product and has used our feedback to continually improve it!

Testimonial Item

Patrick Hamilton

IT Manager, CHC Hydro

We have a monthly meeting with the PK4 Tech team where they update us on their product road map, and we share feedback on functionalities we would like to see. They try to include us in testing the functionality of new features as well, which is very helpful for us.

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John Lund

Director Global Center of Excellence, Johnson Controls

Working with the PK4 team has been a phenomenal experience. They provide an immediate response to questions and response times have a quick turnaround time. They follow up and check in to make sure users are having a smooth experience. The Salesforce plugin is excellent and provides fluency with organizational systems that are already in place. I would highly recommend the PK4 Time Tracker app.

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Gabrielle DeFrancesco

Business Analyst, OMNI Systems

From the get-go, the PK4 team was very responsive and helpful with a fast turnaround to assist with customization for us. We have customized the app to work for a team of temporary casual staff who are assigned to work for a number of different clients, some working on multiple roles at the same time at different rates and different approvers.

Testimonial Item

Pru Bell

Business Analyst, Intepeople Ltd

We had been on the hunt for a time tracking system for our consulting firm that didn't require every 1099 contractor to have a salesforce license and PK4 Time Tracker was exactly what we needed. The team was helpful and flexible in setting up the program for our needs and it has been integrated pretty seamlessly with our company.

Testimonial Item

Amy Fiore

Managing Director, Sobel-Bixel

This is a wonderful program for tracking time in real-time. We, an MSP, use it to track time that agents spend working on a case, as Salesforce (surprisingly) has no native option for this. But of particular note, Geetha and Chandan have been absolutely amazing with assisting us in tweaking their app to meet our requirements. I highly recommend them and their software for any of your time-tracking needs.

Testimonial Item

Carter Odell

Service Supervisor, Legend Netowrking

We use the PK4 app to manage and track time for a team of about 20 consultants. The app is easy to manage and has really addressed all our team's needs. Even more impressive is the outstanding customer service we've received from PK4. They are always quick to respond and take care to ensure that our feedback is heard and met. I'd highly recommend PK4 to any others looking to manage time within Salesforce!

Testimonial Item

Dan Partin

Director Solutions Management, SkySpecs

TimeTracker has been really effective in getting time tracked against SFDC Cases in our organization. We have many folks using the component on the Case to track time. We also have developers that log their time in Jira. We utilize a simple webhook from PK4 that brings those Time Logs from Jira back into SFDC on the Case (those users are never logging into SFDC). We also have some Professional Services folks that are not in SFDC but occasionally log time against a SFDC Case via the WebApp. We now have 60+ employees logging time through TimeTracker on the SFDC Case and it's been a big boost of efficiency within our organization.

Testimonial Item

Jason Liner

Senior VP (FP&A), MercuryGate International

PK4 TimeTracker allows our team to track hours spent working with each of our Accounts and enables us to track expenses for all of our activities, too. Their support has been very helpful in migrating from a different solution to one based on Salesforce.

Testimonial Item

Jack Schammel

Asst Dir. Business Innovation Initiatives, TEDCO Maryland

I can't recommend this app highly enough. My team needed an app that was capable of tracking time spent within opportunities, so we could track profitability on specific deals. We wanted an inexpensive solution that tracked automatically saving our workers the headache. This app works perfectly for what we want, and we couldn't have done it without the PK4 team.

Testimonial Item

Ryan McDounogh

Director Brendan Tauro Capital Advisors