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Bring All Your Stakeholder Interactions into Salesforce

On the web, on mobile devices or on email – wherever you interact with people – we make sure that we bring all your

interactions safely into Salesforce.

Our Products


Engaging with your audience is now easy with PK4Connect. Send out 1-Click Email Blasts to your Salesforce Campaigns. Use our starter templates and a drag-and-drop editor to send out beautiful emails easily. No more exporting, importing data, no more integrations, no more HTML. Track Sends, Delivers, Opens, Clicks, and Bounces inside Salesforce. Easy email campaigns in Salesforce, without the Salesforce email limitations.

Time Tracker

Simple time tracker for Salesforce & non-Salesforce users. Track time for everyone, easily and non-intrusively. Lower labor costs, invoice faster, and streamline payroll. Work from home, in the office, or on the field; get all your time easily into Salesforce. Use it wherever it makes sense – on the mobile, on the web or within Salesforce. Track time as you work or after the fact. Let Salesforce do the heavy lifting for reporting and integration.

V4S Mobile

Nonprofits: connect & engage with your stakeholders on mobiles. That includes volunteers, event attendees and students. Track volunteer attendance at your Jobs and Shifts. Manage Volunteer Waivers easily. If you run summer camps or classes, track student attendance too. And if you have Events, then track event attendance. Track all of this on mobiles, wherever you want. All within your familiar Volunteers for Salesforce. 

Some of Our Customers

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5 Tips For Measuring Your Employees’ Time And Productivity Levels

Surekha ShettyAugust 2, 20214 min read

We all want to be productive, but productivity isn’t something you can enforce on others. The productivity of your employees…

Articles & Reviews

Working with the Dftly team has been a phenomenal experience. They provide an immediate response to questions and response times have a quick turnaround time. They follow-up and check-in to make sure users are having a smooth experience. Our organization is extremely impressed and satisfied not only with the service we have received but also with the product itself. The app is very easy to use and extremely versatile to customize the needs of different organizations. The Salesforce plugin is excellent and provides fluency with organizational systems that are already in place. I would highly recommend the Mobile Time Tracker app.

On V4S Kiosk, you can add walk-in volunteers to a Job or Shift directly from the Job/Shift details screen.

Note: you can only do this if the Add Volunteer icon is enabled for your org.

If the icon has been enabled, you will see the add volunteer icon in the Job and Shift details screen on the top right-hand side of your screen.

There are 2 ways of adding the new volunteer to a Job or Shift directly

  1. By clicking the Add Volunteer icon which opens the add new volunteer pop up
  2. By searching for the volunteer name on the Job / Shift detail page, If the Search does not find any matching results, you will see a string that says  "The first-time volunteer? Click here"

More information is given below for adding the new volunteer to a Job or Shift directly


Yes, you can automatically track time for Cases/Opportunities or any other Object in Salesforce. The special feature allows the Salesforce user to tracker time for an object from the view page/screen.

To enable this feature, please link the TT User with Salesforce User in the TT User table, click here to know more. Track Time within Salesforce works only if the TT User is linked with Salesforce User.

This feature is usable in Mobile Time Tracker version 1.52 onward. If you are on a lower edition of the Time Tracker, please upgrade (or ask your Salesforce Administrator to upgrade) the Mobile Time Tracker to the latest version from the AppExchange.


Hear From Some of Our Customers

Kylie Dayton

Salesforce Administrator, Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County Cotati

Easy to use, accessible team

It’s been a great help to keep track of our hours accurately and have them right in salesforce. Before this, it was all manual entry from paper logs, so V4S Mobile has definitely been a game-changer! The team has been super helpful throughout implementation and steady use.

Pru Bell

Business Analyst, Intepeople Ltd Nelson New Zealand

Effective app with great support

We have customized the app to work for a team of temporary casual staff who work for a number of different clients. PK4 added in an approval process where external clients can log in to approve time recorded. Then all the data is immediately and easily accessed from Salesforce for payroll

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